Karen & Bill W.Chapel Creek,BWCC

Abigail is a delight.We did not think we could buy a home with the features we wanted in Boca West.She listened to us and found just the home we needed. Abigail made it happen.

Seymour P.Laurel Oaks,BWCC

The truth and being up front is not always easy. In retrospect we believed my home was worth a grat deal more than Abigail did.I was upset but finally become aware that she was correct.I ultimately sold it and she did agreat job with a difficult client.

Claire S. Fairway Piont ,BWCC

There are very few realtors that know Boca west Country Club like Abigail. We wanted to move up and she Knew every pitfall and benefit of each of the properties we visited. A great experience.

Norman B.(Waters Edge, BWCC)

In her own way Abigail is really a great negotiator... the back and forth was unbelievable.Aseries of events that I will long remember. After all was said and done, both parties were happy,espeacially me.

Helen J.(Clubside,BWCC)

Abigail was just terrific. She advised me as to how much I should be asking based on what similar house the in the community. From week one we had people looking and we sold it very quickly. Her relationship with other realtors was great and very helpful.

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